Censorship Story Briefs

When governments, or other institutions, want to control what people think and say, they censor what people write and speak. The stories in this collection are about various forms of censorship.

Three days after Anne Frank told "Kitty" about an unsettling conversation with her father - that the Frank family may have to go into hiding somewhere...

Anne Frank, a Jewish girl living with her family in Amsterdam, was thirteen years old during the summer of 1942.  At the time, German forces were...

The First Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to freely express themselves.

Vorkuta, in Russia's northern climes, was once home to a Soviet-era forced labor camp.

In 1616, Galileo agrees not to teach the Copernican theory. Thereafter, Church officials believe he violated that agreement.

Continuing with his theories on motion, Galileo used a horse to demonstrate that the Earth moves.

Galileo Galilei was born at a time when people believed the sun revolved around the earth - a theory originally proposed by Aristotle.

Forced by the Church to give-up working on astronomical matters, Galileo returns to his experiments on the laws of motion.

When Galileo began to experiment with his new telescope, by pointing it to the sky, he made the world's first astronomical observations.

Gandhi once told an associate (V.

"Gulag" tells the story of Soviet forced-labor camps, and their prisoners, during the Stalinist age.

Johannes Gutenberg invented one of "the machines that made us."

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