Awesome Radio - Narrated Stories Chapters

Sometimes it's nice just to hear a story. Like the "golden age of radio," Awesome Stories features dramatizations of classics, narrated chapters of our own stories, radio interviews and radio plays. This collection benefits ESL, adult literacy and those who just want to close their eyes and listen to a good story!

Will Chicago's steam-powered fire engines be enough to fight a huge conflagration in 1871?

Years after waste water from PG&E's compressor station at Hinkley, California began to contaminate the area's groundwater, the government ordered ...

Penn goes "against the crown" and must defend himself in London's Old Bailey.

NASA designs four "abort methods" in case the space shuttle has a problem during its ascent, following launch..

Jefferson, the third child in his family, is born in Virginia in 1743.

Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin are allies in the plan to defeat Hitler.

Britons remaining in their homeland rally and fight back through the telling of heroic tales, such as Beowulf.

Over the years, 50 people confess to Short's murder, but the case remains officially open.

Wyatt Earp, a lawman, is arrested and charged with murdering Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury and Billy Clanton.

The Allies devise a plan to break Hitler's reign in Europe by attacking from a new waterfront direction.

Villagers and health-care workers in the vicinity of Yambuku, Zaire (now the Republic of Congo) are getting extremely sick, then dying. No one knows w...

Chicago's prosperous and proud business district burns to the ground.

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