Books & Films Chapters

Great books and films rivet our attention. Then we learn there is even more behind them than the final work. Let's go behind them and find out more.

One of Bass' letters reaches the right people in the North. Henry Northup makes a plan to free Platt (Solomon Northup).

Risking his own life, Bass agrees to write letters for Platt (Solomon Northup), alerting people in the North that he is wrongfully being held as a sla...

In his "Nutcracker" story, E.T.A. Hoffman begins his tale on Christmas Eve. Lots of surprises are in store for the children!

Clarissa Vaughan, a character from The Hours, shares her first name and her love of a man who commits suicide with Woolf's title character.

As "The Nutcracker" tale comes to a close, expect the unexpected for Marie and The Nutcracker.

Drosselmeier and his companion continue their quest to find both the hard nut, called Crackatooth, and the person who can crack it. They need both to ...

As Godfather Drosselmeier continues his story about Princess Pirlipat, he stuns Marie. What happened to Pirlipat while the cats were asleep?

There is evidence that the lives of the Brothers Grimm, in Germany, influence their fairy tales.

Harriet Tubman's childhood

Jai Ho is a song that is meant to inspire people beginning to lose hope to keep going because victory is near.

To boost attendance at Jurassic World, scientists decide to create a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex using DNA collected from four other fearsome...

As Nutcracker resumes his ability to speak, he visits Marie. Asking her to travel with him, to see wonderful things, Nutcracker assures Marie that she...

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