Ethics Chapters

Ideas about good and bad behavior in our personal relations, online actions and business practices to moral philosophy examining concepts of right and wrong - all this is in the field of ethics.

SOS signals and lifeboats can't help people on the Titanic. The wireless operator on the closest ship, about an hour away, has shut-off his system fo...

Tone enlists the help of the French to revolt, but it is too little, too late.

Balien of Ibelin leads the Franks against the Muslims in the fight for Jerusalem.

View the 24-hour timeline of the Banda Aceh earthquake and resulting tsunami.

Columbia tries to replace cocaine money with fresh-flower crops, but Pablo's death cannot stop the cocaine trade.

Mary Ann Nichols, the Ripper's first victim, has her throat slit and abdomen cut open.

At the start of World War I, few countries can match Germany'sair ships- often calledZeppelins.

When World War One also impacted Africa, Albert and Helen Schweitzer were sent to a French prison camp.

Dr. Schweitzer returns to Africa after WWI, but then war comes to Africa.

When building materials arrive at Lambarene, Albert Schweitzer designs a new hospital which incorporates its cultural setting and needs.

Albert and Helene Schweitzer arrive at Lambarene, their new home in Gambon.

Unknown to his Edgardo Mortara's parents, a Catholic servant girl working in the Mortara household baptizes the sick Edgardo when he is a young child.

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