Fiction Chapters

Great novels are often connected-to (or based-on) real-life events. It's fun to search-for (and uncover) those connections. This Collection features fictional stories with real-life tie-ins.

Britons remaining in their homeland rally and fight back through the telling of heroic tales, such as Beowulf.

Greek mythology says that Achilles is half man and half-god; Achilles' only vulnerability is his heel.

Britain's "high society" is closed to all who are not born into the upper class.

In Charles Frazier's book, Cold Mountain, Inman is a wounded Confederate soldier who deserts after participating in terrible battles.

In the 19th and early 20th century, women do not have the right to vote but they lead an effort to end the alcohol problem.

"Cavorite" - a fictitious substance that allows flight - is found by Dr. Cavor, inWells'novel -The First Men in the Moon.

If antimatter comes into contact with any matter, an explosion will occur.

At CERN, where the WWW was announced on 30 April 1993, scientists study "antimatter" - negative matter which does not exist in a natural form.

Religious riots throughout India cause the deaths of about 2,000 people.

After the death of Henri IV, Cardinal Richelieu advises the new young King Louis XIII, and life for the Huguenots gets worse.

The remaining 55 hostages are let go after 444 days, and Mendez receives honors for his rescue mission.

Dostoevsky reads and copies a censored work promoting change in Russia, which results in his arrest.

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