Social Studies Videos

How do we make a "sound judgment" in a culturally diverse society? How do we know the best path to follow in an interdependent world? These stories, based on social-studies, help us to understand that personal and environmental relationships impact our lives and our world.

Jackie Robinson wore number 42 on his Brooklyn Dodger uniform.

Born on the 12th of February, in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was America's 16th president. For many people, this man with humble beginnings was the greatest...

Being U.S. President, during America's Civil War, required Mr. Lincoln to make difficult strategic decisions.

During November, 1558, Queen Mary (the eldest child of Henry VIII) acknowledged her half-sister, Princess Elizabeth, as her heir.

See Old Marley (who was “dead as a doornail”) pay Scrooge a ghostly visit.

Twenty-five hundred years ago, ancient Greeks built an arena which still produces stunning, unamplified sound.

About 2,000 African-Americans were among the Allied troops who stormed Normandy's beaches on D-Day.

On October 25, 1962, Adlai Stevenson confronts Soviet Ambassador Zorin in the United Nations. The US, says Stevenson, is prepared to "wait until hell ...

During the battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson was felled by a single shot and died on his ship.

This clip from "Walking with Dinosaurs" depicts various dinosaurs (including the late-Triassic, plant-eating Plateosaurus which weighed about four ton...

Whenever an American president flies, the plane he's on is called "Air Force One.

Shepard was the first American in space when he blasted off in a Redstone rocket on May 5, 1961.

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