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Catherine the Great
Cecil: The Lion Who Died for a Wall
Celia, A Slave
César Gaviria Trujillo - Escobar’s Flight 203 Intended Target
Chai Ling: The Girl Who Stood Up for Freedom
Challenger and the Last Crew
Challenger Disaster
Character Education & AwesomeStories
Chariot Race - Ancient Greece
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin - Death of Annie Darwin
Charles de Gaulle - Leader French Resistance
Charles de Gaulle - Leader of the Free French
Charles Dickens - Animated Story of His Life
Charles Dickens in 1842
Charles I and His Family
Charles II and the Carolina Colony
Charles II King of Britain
Charles Messier
Charles Nelson Reilly - Hartford Fire
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web at AwesomeStories
Chemistry of Life - What Makes Oil?
Chiang Kai-shek - Brief Bio
Chicago Fire - Our Lady of the Angels
Chicago: The Movie
Chicano Movement and Boycotting Grapes
Child Labor
Child Labor in Britain - Long Hours
Child Labor - Spinner at Mollahan Mills in South Carolina
Child Miner - Pulling Coal
Child Miners - Working in Confined Spaces
Children in War
Children's Fountain - Story Behind the Iconic Image
Chinese Immigration: Violence of 1871
Chisholm Trail - Cowboy Song
Christmas Eve in Britain during the Time of Scrooge
Christmas Island - Disaster Scene in 2010
Christmas with Victoria and Albert in 1848
Christopher Columbus' Letter
Chronicles of Narnia - Series' Author
Chryselephantine Shield - Before Reconstruction
Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier
Churchill - The Gathering Storm
Churchill - "We Shall Never Surrender"
Cinderella Man
City in Ruins - San Francisco, 1906
City of Purple - Ruins at Tyre
Cividale Cathedral - Interior
Civil Rights Act - 1875
Civil Rights Amendment
Civil Rights and a Bulldozer Disaster
Civil Rights Cases of 1883
Civil War Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
Civil War Refugees in Missouri
Civil War, U.S. - Unforgettable Sights
C.J. Dennis - The Circus
Clarence Darrow
Class Distinctions - Medieval Life
Clement Clark Moore - The Night before Christmas
Clint Hill Helps Mrs. Kennedy After the Shooting
Cocaine Papers - Sigmund Freud
Codex Vaticanus
Codex Vindobonensis 2554 - Frontispiece Links Religion and Science
Codex Vindobonensis 2554 - Illustrated Story Summaries
Coffin of Errol Flynn at the LA Train Station
Col. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr - A.J. Bullard
Cold Mountain
Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis, Part 2
Collapsing Vesuvius Summit and Powerful Pyroclastic Flows
Colossus of Rhodes - Artistic Interpretation
Colt Single Action Army - "The Gun that Won the West"
Columbia - DOD - Shuttle Disintegration
Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion
Columbia - Video of the Crew's Final Minutes
Comet - Anatomy of a Comet
Concord - Old North Bridge, c. 1900
Concord - The Redcoats are Defeated
Conspirator - Mary Surratt
Construction of the White House
Consumption - Tuberculosis and How It Spreads
Controversy at the 1936 Olympics
Convection Currents and the Earth's Mantle
Cooping and the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
Copernicus - On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres
Coronation Chair and the Stone of Scone
Coronation Procession, 1937 - 1st Outdoor TV Broadcast
Corrie Ten Boom - Doing the Right Thing
Cortona - Under the Tuscan Sun
Cosmo Lang - Archbishop of Canterbury
Countess Giulietta Guicciardi - Moonlight Sonata
Courage: Leading a Team into the Unknown
Covenant of Omar
Coventry - Rebuilding Morale and the City
Cowboys, Lawmen and the American Frontier
Cowboys Water the Herd in a Cattle Drive
Cowpens - Setting a Trap Pays Off
Crannogs: Home, home on the Lochs
Crop Circles: Eyewitness Reports
Crossover Poet and Inspiration: Kwame Alexander
Cry of Dolores - Mexico Asserts Independence
C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien - A Talk
Cuban Missile Crisis
Curiosity - Seven Minutes of Terror

Daffodils, by William Wordsworth - Audio Recording
Daniel Boone
Dante Sees the Flaming Red Towers of Dis
Danzig in the War
Darius the Great - Father of Xerxes
Dave the Octopus
Dead Sea Scrolls
Death and Last Portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Death at K2 - August 2008
Death of a Tsar: Romanov Execution
Death of George VI - When Elizabeth Became Queen
Death of People in Pompeii
Death of Theodoric at the Battle of Catalaunian Fields
Death of Winston Churchill
Debtor's Prison: Fleet Prison
Declaration of the Anti-Slavery Convention
Deeds of Alexander the Great - Title Page Illumination
Deepwater Horizon: Disaster in the Gulf
Deepwater Horizon - Oil Slick Off the Mississippi Delta
Deepwater Horizon on April 22, 2010
Deepwater Horizon Victim - Blair Manuel
Deepwater Horizon Victim - Dale Burkeen
Deepwater Horizon Victim - Jason Anderson
Deepwater Horizon Victim - Roy Wyatt Kemp
Deepwater Horizon Victim - Shane Roshto
Defending Britain against Anglo-Saxon Invasions - Portchester
Deforestation Kills More Than Trees
Demons - Novel by Dostoevsky
Depiction of Original Olympic Area
Depression-Era Worker at a Carbon Black Plant
Derek Redmond - The Day that Changed My Life
Description of Life Aboard a Slave Ship
Destroyed Marine Barracks - Beirut, 23 October 1983
Detail Drawing of Conestoga Wagons
Devils with Pitchforks in the Inferno
Diamond Mining in South Africa
Diary of Anne Frank - July 5, 1942
Diary of Anne Frank - July 8, 1942
Diary of Anne Frank - June 20, 1942
Diary of John Wilkes Booth
Did Slaves Build the White House?
Dieppe - Prisoners of War
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Digging, by Seamus Heaney
Diplodocus - Dinosaur Found in 1899
Disaster at the River - Napoleon Leaves Russia
Discovering Electricity
Disease in the Inferno
Dive into Summer Reading and Writing
Divine Comedy - Illumination from Dante Codex
DNA - What It Is and How It Works
Domino Effect: If Cambodia Fell, then Laos...
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, By Dylan Thomas - Audio
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep - Audio
Dorothea Lange - American Photographer
Dorothy Height - Civil Rights Leader
Double-Cross of Jesse James by His Friend Charlie Ford
Doughboys and Their Helmets
Downton Abbey - A Murder at Piccadilly
Downton Abbey Gets a Wireless
Downton Abbey - Highclere Castle
Downton Abbey - The Dowager and the Russians
Dragon Head - Viking Ship
Dr. Elizabeth Davis and the Movie Sully
Dresden - WWII Bomb Attack
Dr. Jekyll and His Mirror
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the Story of Its Creation
Dr. King Works with President Johnson on Voting Rights
Dr. Louis Guillotin
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Richard Feynman Report - "Nature Cannot be Fooled"
Duck and Cover - Civil Defense Film
Dugout Home during the Great Depression

Dugout Home - Jack Whinery Family

Duke of York - Disastrous Speech at Wembley
Dying Man at Pompeii
Dylan Thomas and His Famous Poem

Earth Day - Now and Then
Earthquake and Tsunami Damage - Lisbon, 1755
Easing Loneliness
Easter Story
Ebenezer Scrooge and His Nephew Fred
Ebenezer Scrooge Hears about a Man Called "Old Scratch"
Ebenzer Scrooge Meets Want and Ignorance
Ebola Outbreak - Cotton Factory in Sudan
Ebola: Past, Present and Future
Eddie Adams and the "Saigon Execution" Photo
Edgar Allan Poe - "Alone"
Edgar Allan Poe and Richmond, Virginia
Edgar Allan Poe - Inspiration for "The Bells"
Edison Film - Disastrous Effects of the 1906 Earthquake
Edison Phonograph Recording - 1888
Edvard Munch - The Scream
Edward Coke and the Institutes of the Laws of England
Edward of Woodstock - The Black Prince
Edward VIII - Abdication Speech
Ed White - Walking in Space
Einstein's Letter
Einstein's Letter to President Roosevelt
Einstein's Letter to President Roosevelt, Page 2
Einstein's Theory of General Relativity - Explained
Eisenhower's Misdated D-Day Note
Election of 1800 Results
Election Troubles in South Carolina - Election of 1876
Electrically Charged Plasma - Product of Re-Entry
Elie Wiesel - Holocaust Child Survivor
Eli Whitney and His Cotton Gin
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - The Cry of the Children
Elizabeth I - Imprisoned at the Tower of London
Elizabeth I - Ravaged by Smallpox
Elizabeth I: The Golden Age
Elizabeth of York
Ellis Island - Place of Hope and Tears
El Plomo Mummy - Story of a Child Mummy
Emile Roux - Pasteur, Rabies and Diphtheria
Emil Goldfus / Rudolf Abel - An Artist in Brooklyn
Emily Hobhouse - Courageous Heroine
Emmett Till - Mother Ignites Civil-Rights Movement
Emmett Till - The Murder Trial
Emperor Meiji
Empress Theodora - Ancient Champion of Women's Rights
Enemy At The Gates
England's First Commercial Christmas Card
English-Channel Signal System - 1558
English Longbow and the Battle of Crecy
Enigma Machine
Enigma Machine and Its U-boat Codes
Enoch L. (Nucky) Johnson - Nucky Thompson
Envigado - Where the Escobar Family Lived
Equations which Changed the World
Erich Maria Remarque - All Quiet on the Western Front
Erin Brockovich
Erling Storrusten - Inspiration for Espen in "Shadow on the Mountain"
Erling Storrusten Learns His Life Was in Danger
Ernst von Fleishl - Early Cocaine Addict
Eroded Georgia Land during the Great Depression
Errol Flynn and His Famous Trial
Escobar Orders the Death of Luis Carlos Galán
Esobar Targets Avianca Flight 203
Essex Destroyed by a Whale - Thomas Nickerson Drawing
Essex Whale Attack by Thomas Nickerson
Etruscan Art from Tomb of the Leopards
Eugene Sledge - Battle of Okinawa
Eugene ("Sledgehammer") Sledge - Battle of Peleliu
Euphrates River - Key Facts
Eustace Chapuys - Imperial Ambassador to Tudor Court
Evelyn: Changing The Law In Ireland
Evolution of Snooping
Execution at Boston Common
Execution at the Fort Smith Gallows
Experiencing the Blowout on Deepwater Horizon
Exploding White Phosphorus Bombs in South Vietnam
Exploring Space: Images from NASA
Exploring Titanic at 12,600 Feet - NOAA Mission
Explosion Crater - Marine Barracks Attacked
Explosion of the Lusitania
Eyewall of a Hurricane

F-1 Engine - Propulsion of the Saturn V Moon Rocket
Faberge Easter Egg - Third Imperial Egg
Face of Jacob Marley
Facial Wounds from Shrapnel Strike in WWI
Facts about South Africa
Facts about the Space Shuttle Orbiter
Fairy Tale Road - Hamelin and the Pied Piper
Fairy Tale Road - Rapunzel's Tower
Fanny Osbourne Stevenson
Father of Mexican Independence - Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
FDR: "Look to Norway"
Federal Control v States' Rights - Adams vs Jefferson
Feed Sacks for Clothes in Depression-Era America
Feldspar - Part of the Earth's Crust
Felix Dzerzhinsky - Red Terror
Female Panther Chameleon
Female Spider Sits on her Cocoon
Fermat's Last Theorem - Professor Andrew Wiles
Fighter, The
Fighting in the Trenches at Verdun - Cote (Hill) 304
Final Moments of Pompeii
Final Solution and Zyklon B
Finders Seekers Kindergarten and First Grade Hands-On Science
Finding Neverland
Finding Robert the Missing H-Bomb
Firestorm in Moscow: September 14, 1812
First African-American Marine
First Amendment - 1 for All
First Emperor of China
First Federal Elections in the U.S.
Five Horses - Arjuna and the Bhagavad Gita
Five Sullivan Brothers - USS Juneau Deaths
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