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Irish Potato Famine - The Great Hunger
Irish Village of Meinies in 1847
Irving Strobing - Final Messages Corregidor
Isaac Newton and the Falling Apple
Istanbul - Seen from Space
I Taught Myself to Live Simply, by Anna Akhmatova - Audio
Items in President Lincoln's Pockets When He Was Assassinated
It's Alright to Seat Them. They're Not Americans
Ivan the Terrible
Ivan the Terrible and His Secret Police

Jackie Kennedy at President Johnson's 1963 Swearing-In
Jackie Kennedy in Ft Worth
Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese
Jackie Robinson - Basketball Star
Jackie Robinson - Football at UCLA
Jackie Robinson - National Broad Jump Record
Jackie Robinson to Eisenhower - Telegram
Jack Robinson - Morale Officer
Jack Robinson - Morale Officer for 761st Tank Battalion
Jack Ruby Just Before Shooting Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Swigert - Launch Day for Apollo 13
Jack the Ripper
Jacob Marley and His Long, Heavy Chains
Jacobo Timerman: The Conscience of a Nation
Jacques d'Arc - Father of Joan of Arc
Jacques Necker and the French Revolution
Jamaica: Out of many - one people
James Benjamin Parker and the McKinley Assassination
James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner: Courageous Mission
James Figg - Father of British Boxing
James H. ("Jimmy") Doolittle
James H. Lane - Story of Stonewall Jackson Shooting
James Joyce - Intro to Ulysses
James Joyce - Meet Stephen Dedalus
James Joyce - Obsessed with Dublin
James Madison - Framer of a New Nation
James McConnell and His Flying Machine
James Meredith at Ole Miss - 1962
James Otis Before the Boston Colonial Court
Jane Addams: Challenging a Nation
Jane Eyre, Chapter 1 - Audio
Jane Eyre, Chapter 2 - Audio
Jane Eyre, Chapter 3 - Audio
Jan Hus - Courage of an Unintimidated Martyr
Japan Attacks Australia
Japanese-American Fishing Village Destroyed at Terminal Island
Japanese-American Internment
Japanese and Australian Soldiers at the Kokoda Trail
Japanese B5N2 Aerial Torpedoes En Route to Oahu
Japanese Interrogation Of Prisoners Of War - Airmen
Japanese Objective - Create and Control "Israel in Asia"
Japanese Occupation of the Philippines - Manila Rampage
Japanese-Written Press Coverage on the Fall of Bataan
Japan, WWII - Kill-All Policy
J. Edgar Hoover - In 1924
Jefferson Davis - C.S.A. President
Jefferson, Franklin and Adams - Drafting the Declaration
Jefferson, More Than a Scribe!
Jefferson's Reasons to Explore the West
Jefferson to Madison - Don't Give the Feds Too Much Power
Jesse James
Jesse James the Outlaw
Jesse Owens - Video Interview
Jet Magazine - Story about Emmett Till
Jews and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Selection Process
JFK and the Magic Bullet, Magnified
JFK - Inaugural Address
JFK - Let's Go to the Moon!
Jim Crow Laws
Jimmie Lee Jackson and the Events in Selma
Jimmy Doolittle - Preparing a Bomb for the Tokyo Raid
Jimmy Harrell - Deepwater Horizon Explosion
Jimmy Stewart - WWII Veteran
Jim Reeb and The Longest March
Jimtown, Colorado - Childhood Home of Jack Dempsey
J.M. Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies Boys
J.M. Barrie Near the End of His Life
Joan Clarke at Station X
Joanne Pearce-Martin - Friend of Nathaniel Ayers
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc Trial Transcript - Fatal Answer
Joan of Arc - Visions of Saints in the Garden
Joel Stransky
Joe Rosenthal - Iwo Jima Flag-Raising Photographer
Johann Tetzel - Seller of Indulgences
John Adams - Speech in Favor of Independence
John Ball Encourages Peasants in the 1381 Uprising
John Basilone - Death at Iwo Jima
John Basilone - The Pacific - Medal of Honor Recipient
John Basilone - Video Biography
John Bull - A Trip to Paris
John Bull Making Observations on the Comet - Rowlandson
John Bull's Little Game - Good Life and Victories
John Bull - Victory over Napoleon's Navy
John Cabot and His Explorations

John Dewey, 1900s Education Thinker's Ideas Still Inspire

John Dunlap and His Famous Broadsides
John Glenn Becomes an American Hero
John Hancock
John Hancock and His Famous Signature
John Hancock - President, Continental Congress
John Henry ("Doc") Bradley, Navy Medic
John Hus - Burned at the Stake
John Jay - First U.S. Chief Justice
John Locke
John Milton
John Nash Letter of Recommendation
John Newton, Slave-Trader, Writes "Amazing Grace"
Johnny Calvin Brewer Tracks Oswald
John Pine and The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords
John Pine Attributes Motives for the Spanish Armada
John Quincy Adams - Argument in Amistad Case
John Rabe - Hero of Nanking
John Robinson - Why the Pilgrims Came to America
John S. Pemberton - Inventor of Coca Cola
John Wilkes Booth - After Death
John Wilkes Booth and a Gypsy's Prediction
John Wilkes Booth - Escape, Death and Final Resting Place
John Wilkes Booth - "God is My Judge"
John W. Young, Astronaut
Join, or Die - Ben Franklin and the Political Cartoon
Joints on the Solid Rocket Booster - Space Shuttle
Jonas Salk - "Could You Patent the Sun?"
Joseph Bonaparte and the Crown Jewels
Josephine Deym - Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved?"
Joseph P. Kennedy - Relationship with George VI
Joseph Roulin (The Postmaster) and Vincent van Gogh
Joseph Story - Freed the Amistad Captives
Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis - Cancer Returns
Judge Isaac C. Parker - Reputation
Judge John Roll - Victim of Tucson Shooting
Judy O'Donnel - Habitation under the Bridge
Jules Verne - Writer of Scientific Fiction
Julia Ward Howe - "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Julie Moore - Wife of Hal Moore
Julien Bryan Films a War
Julius Caesar Arrives at Britain's Shores
Julius Caesar at the Rubicon
Jumbo the Circus Elephant and His Tragic Death
Juno Beach - Canadian Area of Operations
Jupiter Hammon - First Published Afro-American Poet
Jurassic Era - Earliest-Known Bird?
Jurassic Park
Jurassic World Global Trailer
Jurassic World Global Trailer
Jury Acquittal of a Slave-Abusing Ship's Captain
Justice Felix Frankfurter

K19 Widowmaker
K2 - From the Godwin-Austen Glacier
K2 - Lacedelli and Compagnoni At the Summit
Kahoolawe - The Target Island
Kamehameha I
Kamikaze Attacks - Pacific Theater, WWII
Kate Adams Keller - Mother of Helen Keller
Katharina von Bora
Katherine Parr - Henry VIII's Last Wife
Kauai - The Garden Island
Ken Mattingly - Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot
Kennedy-Nixon Debate - September 26, 1960
Ken Taylor - Canadian Ambassador to Iran
Kermit Tyler - Radar Info on Incoming Planes
Keyhole Nebula
Keys to Compromise
Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara
King Arthur
King David's Psalms
Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdom of Lydia - First Coinage
King George VI - As the Duke of York 
King James I
King John Lackland
King Kong
King Tut and Ankhesenamun - A Royal Pair
King Tut Death Mask - Back View
King Tut's Death Mask and Its Meaning
Klaus Barbie - Butcher of Lyon
Knight's Tale, A
Kobie Coetsee - Meets Mandela
Koki Hirota and Stalin's Declaration of War against Japan
Korean War
Korean War - US Troops at the Pusan Perimeter, 1950
Krakatoa - After the Disaster
Krakatoa - Ash Fall
Krakatoa - Deadly Tsunami
Krakatoa - Fatal Pyroclastic Surge
Krakatoa - Loss of the Fourth Point Lighthouse
Krakatoa - Loudest Sound in Recorded History
Krishna and Arjuna - Summary of the Bhagavad-Gita
Krishna Reveals His Universal Form to Arjuna
Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass, Part 2

Lady Jane Grey
Lake Trasimeno - Scenic Italy
Lanai - The Pineapple Island
Landing-Schedule Diagram - Omaha Beach
Land of Hope - The Revolution of Self-Rule
Lassoing and Branding Calves in "The Old West"
Last Days of Krakatoa
Last Supper - By Leonardo da Vinci
Launch of a V2/A4 Rocket
Law Code of Eshnunna and Mad Dogs
Layout of the Slave Ship Brookes - Below Decks
LBJ - March 31, 1968 Announcement
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Learning to Fly - Wendy Darling and Her Brothers
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
Lebensborn - Head Measurements and Racial Ancestry
Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg - End of First Day
Lee Harvey Oswald as a Teenager
Lee Resolution - Independence from Britain
Legendary Runner of Marathon - Pheidippides
Legend of Bagger Vance
Lehua, Ka’ao a ka Wahine: A Hawaiian Noble Woman Comes of Age
Leiden - Home of Thomas Rogers
Lena Riggi Basilone - Widow of John Basilone
Lenin Plans a Second Revolution in Russia
Lenin, Vladimir - Background of a Revolutionary
Leopold and Loeb
Leo Tolstoy - Rare Historic Video
Leo X and His Background
Les Miserables - Bishop Myriel Helps Valjean - Audio Reading
Les Miserables, Episode 2 - Javert
Les Miserables - Jean Valjean, Background - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Jean Valjean, Prison Impact - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Meet Javert - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Saving Fauchelevent - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Valjean Becomes Mayor - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Valjean Helps Fantine - Audio Reading
Les Miserables - Valjean Promises Fantine a Future - Audio
Les Miserables - Valjean Rebukes Javert - Audio Recording
Let's Get Together - World War II-Era Song
Letterfrack Industrial School - Questions of Child Abuse
Letter From Birmingham Jail - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Letter to President Kennedy - Bobbie Lou Pendergrass
Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery
Lewis and Clark - Meeting with the Shoshone
Lewis and Clark Meet Sacagawea
Lewis and Clark - Reach the Pacific Ocean
Lewis Henry Douglass
Lewis Payne - Arrested At the Surratt House
Lewis Powell after the Seward Attack
Lewis Powell, Conspiracy Trial Defendant
Leyden Jar and a Near-Fatal Experiment
Leyden Jar being Discharged
Life for a Migrant Worker’s Child
Life in an Irish Industrial School
Life of the Buddha
Limahuli Tropical Botanical Garden Kaua'i
Lina Radke - Pioneering Olympic Athlete
Lincoln: A Humble, Modest Man and President
Lincoln Assassination - Door to the State Box
Lincoln in Philadelphia - February, 1861
Lincoln Saves the Union and Loses His Life
Lincoln - "The People's President - in His Coffin
Lined-up Coffins - Palawan Massacre
Lionel Logue and His Wife Myrtle
Lionel Logue - At the End of His Life
Lionel Logue - Speech Therapist for Duke of York
Listening for Whales
Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale
Little Women
Living in a Lean-to Tent - Migrant Mother Series
Lizzie Borden
Location of Oil Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
Lockerbie Disaster - Loss of Pan Am 103
Lockheed Model G - Flying Boat
Lockheed Model G - The Lougheads' Flying Boat
London in the Late 19th Century

"Long Liz" Stride - Victim of Jack the Ripper

Lord Charles Cornwallis - Britain's Southern Commander
Lord Hugh Percy and the Smithsonian
Lord Mersey and the Lusitania Wreck Inquiry
Lord Monteagle and the Warning Letter
Losing Grandma
Losing My Dad
Losing Willie - President Lincoln's Great Sadness
Louis Brandeis - Associate Justice, Supreme Court
Louis Pasteur and the Rabies Virus
Louis XVI - Executed
Louis XVI - Last Words
Louis XVI - Parting from His Family
Louis XVI - Writing His Will During Trial
Louis Zamperini at Sugamo Prison
Louis Zamperini with Billy Graham - Los Angeles, 1949
Lt. Col. Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg
Lt. Gen. Holland Smith and the 27th Infantry
Lt. Gwynne Pierson - Tuskegee Airman
Lt. John Paul Jones - Portrait and Bio
Lucky Luciano
Lucy - A Slave at Monticello
Lucy Burns - Let's Picket the White House
Lusitania Sinking
Lusitania's Manifest: Is It Accurate?
Lusitania - Winsor McCay Animation, 1918

MacArthur's Return to the Philippines
Macbeth - The Play and the Story Behind It
Madagascar - Life in the Rainforest
Madagascar - Meet the Wildlife
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