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Flags Of Our Fathers
Flight MH17 - Attack and Loss
Flight MH17 - Downed by a Proximity-Fuse Missile?
Flight MH17 - Dr. Joep Lange
Flight MH17 - Victims Return to The Netherlands
Florence Maybrick: Death Sentence Commuted
FLYBY Launches Probe - Comet Tempel 1
FLYBY Spacecraft - Comet Tempel I
Follett Delivers
Food Lines in Norway During 1942
Forced Labor Camps - Vorkuta, Part of GULAG
Ford Model T Assembly Line - 1919
Forgotten Posters of World War II
Founders Sign the U.S. Constitution
Four Brothers Mine - Temporary Graves of the Romanov Family
Four Feathers, The
France Falls - The Armistice Train and Its Aftermath
Frances Mayes
Frances Seward
Francis Gary Powers and His U-2 Wreckage
Francis Gary Powers - Background of a Spy
Francis Gary Powers - The U-2 Incident
Francis Hauksbee - Inventor
Francis Marion, "Swamp Fox"
Frankenstein - The Monster Lives
Frankenstein - The Monster Speaks
Frankenstein - The Monster Understands His Fate
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt
Franklin & Armfield Slave Pen
Franklin Expedition - John Hartnell
Franz Joseph Haydn
Franz Wegeler - Beethoven Reports "I am Deaf"
Frederick Douglass and The Independence Day Speech
Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Leader
Freedom of Religion
Freedom Riders Challenge Jim Crow Travel Laws
Freedom Summer in Mississippi - 1964
Freedom Summer - Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman
French Expedition in Ireland - Victory at Castlebar
French Revolution - Storming the Bastille
Frozen Landscape in the Inferno - A Terrible Place
Fryderyk Chopin
Fun Activities and Facts about the Presidential Inauguration

Galileo - Accusations and Trial
Galileo - Daughter Becomes Sister Maria Celeste
Galileo - Early Professional Life
Galileo - Laws of Motion and Rehabilitation
Galileo - Telescopic Finds and Starry Messenger
Gallipolli - A Deadly Campaign
Galveston and the Great Storm of 1900
Gandhi - Advocates Non-Violence
Gandhi - Advocates Non-violent Resistance to Racial Law
Gandhi and His Fast until Death
Gandhi - Early Life and South African Discrimination
Gangs of New York
Garb of 17th-Century Plague-Treating Doctor
Gaseous Pillars of the M16 Nebula
Gassing Cellar - Definition
Gate of Hell - Dante's Inferno
Gavrilo Princip
Gedrosia - Map Locator
Gedrosian Desert - Panoramic View
General Armistead During Pickett's Charge
General Eisenhower - Holocaust Verification
General Horatio Gates and the Newburgh Conspiracy
General Robert E. Lee
General Sherman in Atlanta
General Stonewall Jackson - Lee's Right-Hand Man
General Theory of Relativity - Einstein's Masterpiece
George and the Dragon - Middle Ages
George Bentley - 8-Year-Old Miner
George III, King of Britain
George Jung in 2014
George MacDonald - Author Who Influenced C.S. Lewis
George Mallory
George Mason
George Pollard - Captain of the Essex
George VI - King's Speech, September 3, 1939
George Washington and His False Teeth
George Washington - Portrait and Brief Bio
George W. Bush - Address to a Joint Session of the 107th Congress
Gerald Ford: Lessons of the Past in Vietnam
Geraldine Hoff Doyle - Rosie the Riveter
German Advance toward Stalingrad
German Blitzkrieg - The Fall of Holland
German Heavy Cruisers with German Soldiers Arrive in Norway
German Pillboxes and Bunkers - Protected with Obstacles
Germans Land at Trondheim
German Soldiers March to Lillehammer
German U-Boat under Attack
Germany and Italy Sign Pact of Steel
Gestapo - Secret State Police of the Nazis
Getting Sick, Being Well
Ghost Head Image - Star-Forming Region, NGC 2080
Giganotosaurus and Indominus Rex
Giganotosaurus in Action
Giraffe-Necked Weevil
Giuseppe Mazzini - Unification of Italy
Giuseppe Verdi - Popular Composer
Giving Up on New York in 1776
Glamis Castle - The Queen Mother and Macbeth
Glienicke Bridge Where Spies Were Exchanged
Gods and Generals
Goering's Goal - Bomb Britain into Submission
Golden Gate Strait and the Golden Gate Bridge
Gold Fields at the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Gordon Welchman - A Station X Star
Go West: U.S. Westward Expansion
Graca Machel - Mandela's Last Wife
Gradual of Esztergom - Illumination of King David Kneeling
Grand Canyon As a National Monument
Granicus River
Grave of Robin Hood
Great American Eclipse of 2017
Great Chicago Fire of 1871 - Raging Inferno
Great Chronicle of France - Illumination
Great Depression
Great Depression - Dugout House
Great Fire of 1871
Great Fire of London - 1666
Great Kanto Earthquake - 1923
Great Library at Alexandria - Seat of Learning
Great Plague - Fleeing to Avoid the Illness
Great Raid, The
Greensboro Four - Woolworth Lunch Counter
Grini Prison and Concentration Camp
Groans of the Britons - Appeal to Aetius
Guadalcanal - Edson's Ridge
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific - John Basilone
Guadalcanal - War in the Pacific, Part 2
Guardian Angels
Guiteau and the Assassination of President Garfield
GULAG - A Documentary on Stalinist Labor Camps
Gulf Oil Spill - Removing Oil from Surface Waters
Gulf Tidal Wave Strikes Galveston in 1900
Gustav Flourens - Inspiration for Captain Nemo
Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress
Gutenberg Printing Press in Operation
Gutenberg Publishes the World's First Printed Book
Gutenberg's Printing Press
Gutzon Borglum - Sculptor of Mt Rushmore
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
Gyula Castle

Haiti - Geographical Range of Quake Damage
Haiti - Live Earthquake Footage U.S. Embassy
Halicarnassus - Site of Famous Mausoleum
Halifax Explosion - A Devastated City
Halley's Comet and King Kamehameha I
Halloween and a Haunted House
Halloween and Its Celtic Roots
Hammond Creation Lab at Jurassic World
Hammurabi and His Code of Laws
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Hannah More - "The First Victorian"
Hannibal Lecter and Albert Fish
Hans Holbein the Younger - Tudor-Era Artist
Hans Landa - Real-Life SS "Jew Hunter" in France
Harold Gillies and the Tubed Pedicle Procedure
Harold Thomas Cottam - Titanic Hero
Harper's Parody of Spiro Agnew
Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter
Hartford Circus Fire - Smoke at the Tent
Hartford Circus Fire - Soldiers Help Children
Hartford Circus Fire - The Big Top Burns
Hauksbee Electrostatic Generator
Hawaiian History Straight from the Islands!
Haydn's Home in Vienna
Haydn - Video Clips from "The Creation"
Haydn - Video Clips from "The Creation"
Health of President John F. Kennedy
Heinrich Himmler
Helen Keller
Helen Keller - Recreated Scene at the Water Pump
Hellen Keller - Radcliffe Graduate
Helping Others versus Every Man for Himself
Henderson Island and the Cave of Skeletons
Henry B. Northup Rescues Platt from Slavery
Henry Cavendish - Discoveries on Torpedo Fish and Water Formation
Henry David Thoreau - At Walden Pond
Henry Essex Edgeworth - Witness to Louis XVI's Death
Henry V - French and English Losses at Agincourt
Henry VIII and His Special Dispensations
Henry VIII in 1511 - Jousting at Westminster
Henry VIII in 1520
Hera the Greek Goddess
Herb Block - Keeping Politicians Honest
Hercules - Fighting the Nemean Lion
Herman Boone with the 1971 Titans
Hermann Oberth - A Father of Rocketry and Astronautics
Hester Prynne and Her Child - The Scarlet Letter
Hevelius and His Famous Observatory
Hevelius and His Naked-Eye Azimuth Quadrant
Higgs Boson - Animated Explanation
Hilarious Story about St. Patrick
Hindenburg Burning at Lakehurst
Hindenburg Explosion - As It Happened
Hindenburg - Successful Recovery Procedures
Hindu-Kush Mountains - Map
Hirohito - Emperor of Japan
Historical Footage - The U-Boat Peril
History of Flight
Hitler Invades Belgium - German News Reports
Hitler Ordered the Bunkers Destroyed
Hitler's Bunker - Recreating the End
Hitler's Nuclear Reactor and the Flying Bomb
Hitler's Scientists - Building V-2s at Nordhausen
Hitler's Scientists - von Braun Surrenders
Ho Chi Minh with Americans in 1945
Hofburg Grand Ballroom and Beethoven
Holding Patterns
Holocaust Evidence
Homeless and Hungry People in Britain in Victorian Times
Homer Plessy
Hoover Dam - Building the Dam
Hope, Despair and Memory - Elie Wiesel Nobel Lecture
Horace Greeley - 1872 Presidential Nominee
Horace Mann: Father of Public Education
Horatio Nelson - Britain's National Hero
Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula, in Infrared Light, from Hubble
House Where Jesse James Was Fatally Shot
How a High School Librarian Uses AwesomeStories for her School
How a Single Event Can Change Our Destiny
How Do I Love Thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning
How Italy Was Unified
How Soap Kills Coronavirus COVID-19
How the Game of Monopoly Saved Over 10,000 Soldiers
How to Fake a Desertion and not Get Caught - John Champe
How to Find Larger Versions of Thumbnail Images
How to Insult Like Shakespeare
Hubble Mirror with NASA Scientists
Hubble - Optical Telescope Assembly
Hubble Reflecting Sunlight at Time of Release
Huck Finn - Jim's Stories Travel the Blue Marble
Huck Finn Tries to Summon a Genie
Hugh Alexander - The Imitation Game
Hugh Despenser and Prisoner Torture - Medieval
Hula history
Human Brain - How Does It Work
Hunger Games
Huygens Probe Visits a Saturn Moon

I-58 Submarine Torpedoed USS Indianapolis
I Am David
Ice Hotel - Jukkasjarvi, Kiruna, Sweden
Ides of March - "Julius Caesar"
IF- By Rudyard Kipling - Audio
Illuminated Chronicle of Hungary
Illuminated Manuscripts
Illustrations for the American Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1840
Immune System - How It Works
Impact of a Major Earthquake - San Francisco
Impact of a Major Earthquake - San Francisco, 1906
Impact of Clouds on a Sunset
Impact of Cocaine on the Human Brain
Impact of Great Depression in New York City
Impact of Quake on Sumatra - 26 December 2004
Impact of Stalin's Crackdown in Ukraine
Impact of War on a 9-Year Old Boy
IMPACTOR Strikes Comet
Imperial Valley, California
Imperial Valley California - Ditch Bank Housing
Imperial Valley, California - Migrant Home
Impressing Americans - A Cause of the War of 1812
Imprisoned Louis XVI and His Family
Inca Boy - El Plomo Mummy
Inca Mummy from Ampato
Inchcolm Abbey - Hiding Place for Young Mary Queen of Scots
India - Independence Day
Indiana Jones 4 - Crystal Skull
Indian Removal Act of 1830
Indominus Rex
Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation
Indulgence Sold by Tetzel
Industrializing the Soviet Union
I Never Had It Made by Jackie Robinson
In Flanders Fields - Story behind the Famous Poem by John McCrae
Inglourious Basterds Movie
In Great Waters - Battle of the Atlantic
Inhuman Housing of Slaves Aboard Slave Ships
Inside a Magdalene Laundry - Early 20th Century
Insulin - A Life-Saving Discovery
Insulin - Effective Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
Interior of Migrant Family Home
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
Invasion of Norway - German Soldiers Befriend Norwegian Children
I Picture Myself. Me.
Ira Eaker - Supporter of 99th Pursuit Squadron
Ireland Seen from Space
Irish Landlords Destroy Homes to Evade Poor Laws
Irish Patriot: Wolfe Tone
Irish People Forced to Leave Their Villages
Irish Potato Famine - Evictions for No Reason
Irish Potato Famine - Forced Evictions and Poverty
Irish Potato Famine - Life in a Scalp
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