Biographies Chapters

We may know about a famous person's accomplishments, but what do we know about THEM? What is the human-interest story in THEIR lives? This biography collection features the stories behind the lives of some famous (and not-so-famous) individuals.

In September 1965, the 1st Calvary arrives in South Vietnam with 424 helicopters and planes.

The A's out play teams with far-richer budgets to become the American League West champions.

This illustration depicts “Smithfield,” a place outside the city walls of London where people were executed. William Wallace was one of th...

After receiving the prestigious Abel Prize in Norway, Professor John Nash was killed in an accident while riding in a cab en route home from the airpo...

Describes how the Cherokee tribe were transplantesd to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Douglass is not the only one speaking out and writing against slavery; even children's books condemn it.

Thatcher grows up in a middle class family where independent thinking, being practical and loving politics is normal.

Jefferson, the third child in his family, is born in Virginia in 1743.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks out against Hitlers position on Jews.

In 1095, Pope Urban II issues a call to Christian men to liberate the "Holy Land" from the Muslim Turks.

In a speech, Bobby announces the killing of his friend, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Truman decides that instead of invading Japan, the U.S. will use its new atomic weapons to force Japan's surrender.

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