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We may know about a famous person's accomplishments, but what do we know about THEM? What is the human-interest story in THEIR lives? This biography collection features the stories behind the lives of some famous (and not-so-famous) individuals.

Huns were nomads, carrying their belongings with them in their carts as they moved around the steppes.

Attila led the Huns for eight short but dramatic years, but his sons were unable to folllow in his footsteps.

Great things were expected of Attila, even when he was young.

Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, was no longer a young man when he returned from more than a decade of forced exile, in ea...

Historical footage of the Bataan Death March is coupled with survivor stories.

What caused the conflict, known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn (or the Battle of the Greasy Grass), led by LTC George Custer and Crazy Horse?

General Robert E. Lee had a serious problem.

After they've been called into battle by the warlord Ordgar, Tofi and his friend Leofric receive frightening news.  Now their country is being ...

  What would it have been like for Britain's foot soldiers to fight in the Battle of Hastings, during 1066?  Before we can answer that que...

In this historic footage, from the U.

During his performing heyday, Beethoven was known as more than a brilliant pianist.

Although a brilliant pianist and budding composer, in 1800, Beethoven had not reached his potential and did not have the fame he would one day enjoy.

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