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A collection of stories to support teaching and learning.

In this video, founder Carole Bos shows how the evidence-based stories work.

A short video overview of AwesomeStories

Short Video Overview of AwesomeStories MakerSpace

A short video overview of AwesomeStories MakerSpace

This video show how to find interesting information not readily apparent.

"Cite Right" a video to show how to give sources and creators of great content the credit they deserve!

After the shuttle Columbia was lost, during the STS-107 mission, President George W.

This video reviews the important steps in developing a great story.

Although the Library of Congress has a treasure trove of pictures, documents, audio/visual clips and other primary and secondary sources, it is not ea...

A Waikiki Elementary School 4th grader created a story in AwesomeStories and shared her thoughts.

Carole Bos, founder and Chief Creative Officer at AwesomeStories provides background about the site and its mission.

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