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A tour of the main ways to search the AwesomeStories archive.

This quick video explains the breakthrough model of AwesomeStories-- blending the world's great stories with authentic evidence -- sparking a search f...

On the 14th of August, 1945 (August 15th, in Tokyo), Emperor Hirohito told the Japanese people (by radio) that the war was over.

At 02:56 UTC, Neil Armstrong stepped foot on Earth's Moon. It was still July 20, in North America, at the moment the first human being became a "Man o...

How to find, research and write great stories-- narrated by Carole Bos.

An Overview of the AssignmentMaker processes for Teachers and Students.

Be a super sleuth - find and verify primary sources!

Short Overview Video of AwessomeStories MakerSpace

Two minute narrated quick overview of AwesomeStories MakerSpace

What's so great about AwesomeStories?

This guide shows how the AwesomeStories Archive works.

AwesomeStoryMaker Tool for Fiction and NonFiction Awesome Story Telling.

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