Famous People Chapters

People who change the world may, or may not, be famous in their own lifetimes. Often it takes years for others to understand forward-thinking contributions. This collection introduces you to some of the world's most-famous people

Slave children like Fred had little clothing or food, no bedding, no education, and saw frequent and bloody beatings.

Greek mythology says that Achilles is half man and half-god; Achilles' only vulnerability is his heel.

Wyatt Earp, a lawman, is arrested and charged with murdering Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury and Billy Clanton.

The Allies devise a plan to break Hitler's reign in Europe by attacking from a new waterfront direction.

Berlin is caught in the conflict that erupts and the Russians erect the Berlin Wall to divide the city.

Creating rebellious ideas, religious leaders insist that fighting a tyrant is a Christian duty.

Patrick dreams of returning to Ireland, and responds to that vision by becoming an apostle to the Irish people.

Balien of Ibelin leads the Franks against the Muslims in the fight for Jerusalem.

Forty Marines capture Mt. Suribachi. They have an American flag to raise and a photographer to capture the moment.

Benedict Arnold complains to George Washington about his court martial for misuse of government funds.

As Booth shoots Lincoln, Lewis Payne tries and fails to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward.

John Nash is a recognized genius while studying at Princeton and teaching at M.I.T (as C.L.E. Moore Instructor).

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