Famous People Chapters

People who change the world may, or may not, be famous in their own lifetimes. Often it takes years for others to understand forward-thinking contributions. This collection introduces you to some of the world's most-famous people

The A's out play teams with far-richer budgets to become the American League West champions.

Years after waste water from PG&E's compressor station at Hinkley, California began to contaminate the area's groundwater, the government ordered ...

Wallace is found guilty ofhigh treasonand crimes against English civilians and sentenced to death.

After receiving the prestigious Abel Prize in Norway, Professor John Nash was killed in an accident while riding in a cab en route home from the airpo...

Penn goes "against the crown" and must defend himself in London's Old Bailey.

Douglass is not the only one speaking out and writing against slavery; even children's books condemn it.

Thatcher grows up in a middle class family where independent thinking, being practical and loving politics is normal.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks out against Hitlers position on Jews.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks out against Hitler's position on Jews. He believes that to remain silent is wrong; to not act is, in fact, to act.

In a speech, Bobby announces the killing of his friend, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin are allies in the plan to defeat Hitler.

Beethoven's last public appearance is at the premiere of his 9th Symphony in Vienna on May 7, 1824.

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