Language Arts Chapters

From fiction to non-fiction, it is a great pleasure to explore the world through the written word. Here at AwesomeStories, we read in a 21st century way, exploring the stories with related images, videos, audios and authentic documents to give added depth.

When it's difficult for a person to formulate thoughts it seems like those words are becoming like soon-to-be-melted snowflakes.

A marriage gets really tested when one of the two individuals becomes care-giver for the other.

The Story of Cecil - a famous lion - who was killed by a trophy hunter.

People who have dementia undergo changes which they recognize as hurtful and harmful to their well-being.

In his "Nutcracker" story, E.T.A. Hoffman begins his tale on Christmas Eve. Lots of surprises are in store for the children!

As "The Nutcracker" tale comes to a close, expect the unexpected for Marie and The Nutcracker.

People with dementia can become confused. Was today the day of the party? Am I supposed to bake a cake? No? Why didn't somebody tell me?

Drosselmeier and his companion continue their quest to find both the hard nut, called Crackatooth, and the person who can crack it. They need both to ...

After a long illness, is death a welcome event?

For a person with Lewy Body Dementia, dreams are nightmares and hallucinations seem real.

As Godfather Drosselmeier continues his story about Princess Pirlipat, he stuns Marie. What happened to Pirlipat while the cats were asleep?

To interact with someone who has a diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, we need to rethink how we solve problems (otherwise WE become another problem the ...

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