Language Arts Story Briefs

From fiction to non-fiction, it is a great pleasure to explore the world through the written word. Here at AwesomeStories, we read in a 21st century way, exploring the stories with related images, videos, audios and authentic documents to give added depth.

See Old Marley (who was “dead as a doornail”) pay Scrooge a ghostly visit.

Mark Twain published his famous book, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in Britain (in December of 1884) and in America (in February of 1885).

After he leaves the house, around midnight, Huck Finn joins his buddy, Tom Sawyer.

Huck Finn's father - whom his boy calls "Pap" - has not been in his son's life for awhile.

Huck Finn is sceptical about many things, but he is also a realist.

Huck Finn has a father who beats him.

America is still a young country when the newly formed federal government passes an excise tax on the production of whiskey. Rebellion quickly follow...

Some decisions by Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), America's seventh president, greatly disturbed Native Americans. Among the results, of those decisions, ...

Zodiac Man and His Relationship to Medicine.

Dante Alighieri's Inferno, part of his "Divine Comedy," is a place where Virgil accompanies Dante as they see individuals who were characterized by av...

A significant battle, between the Spanish and English fleets, took place off Gravelines in August of 1588.  Today, Gravelines is part of France.&...

Robert Adams created this map, "Expeditions of the Spanish in England," during 1590.

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