Nonfiction Works Story Briefs

Many of the world's greatest books are non-fiction works. This Collection will help you to explore both famous and not-so-famous titles.

This image depicts the book-cover of Man is Wolf to Man, an important work on surviving the GULAG by Janus Bardach.

Before and after casts for making masks line the wall of the Anna's Studio in Paris.

Did ancient people view volcanic eruptions differently than we do?

On the first birthday, after a Mother's death, it's natural to think about all she means. Then...something unexpected happens, resulting in a flood of...

Carole Bos, founder and Chief Creative Officer at AwesomeStories provides background about the site and its mission.

Samuel Clemens first used his pen name, Mark Twain, while working for Territorial Enterprise, a newspaper in Virginia City, Nevada.

As Germany invades, then occupies, the country of Norway its people rise-up to resist Hitler and his soldiers. Teenagers, as well as adults, join the ...

Love poem, by Carole Bos.

Although he is poor, and living at London's Charterhouse, Stephen Gray conducts experiments which will heavily influence future scientists.

Sir John Hurt, who died on 25 January 2017, portrayed ''The Elephant Man.'' When thinking about character education, we'd do well to examine the life ...

In 1968, the idea of Glasnost (openness and transparency within government institutions) and Perestroika (restructuring of Soviet economic and politic...

In this story, based on his personal observations in 1902, Jack London describes ''Doss Houses'' and what it was like to live in them.

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