Slaves and Slave Owners Chapters

When the "New World" needed cheap labor for its plantations, slave traders kidnapped Africans from their home villages. A "triangle trade" system forever changed the lives of an entire people. Explore this collection to learn what those slaves endured, and discover stories of other types of slavery such as forced labor camps in the Soviet GULAG.

Born a slave, Bass Reeves ran away from slavery during America's Civil War. He fled to Indian Territory (today's Oklahoma) where he learned five Nativ...

After the Civil War ends, the desire to forget slavery almost causes the stories to be lost, but the government steps in.

The U.S. Washington recaptures the Amistad captives when their ship is in New York waters.

Without justice or due process, Celia is hanged on December 21, 1855 for murdering her rapist and owner.

SC Standards 8-4.2: Analyze how sectionalism arose from racial tension, including the Denmark Vesey Plot, slave codes, and the growth of the abolitio...

Wilberforce and others who oppose slavery struggle to convince the public to outlaw slavery.

When Douglass dies suddenly in 1895, he leaves a legacy that influences later fighters for equality such as the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.2 Describe the economic impact of Reconstruction on South Carolina in each of the various social classes

Though the President issues the proclamation, it is not a law and slaveholders in the South, who have left the Union, can (and do) ignore it.

The "Underground Railroad", a network of routes, safe houses, and people, helps many slaves escape.

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