Slaves and Slave Owners Chapters

When the "New World" needed cheap labor for its plantations, slave traders kidnapped Africans from their home villages. A "triangle trade" system forever changed the lives of an entire people. Explore this collection to learn what those slaves endured, and discover stories of other types of slavery such as forced labor camps in the Soviet GULAG.

Standard 8-4:4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the multiple events that led to the Civil War

Douglass is not the only one speaking out and writing against slavery; even children's books condemn it.

Slave children like Fred had little clothing or food, no bedding, no education, and saw frequent and bloody beatings.

Africa has a rich history and culture before European slave traders arrive and begin to capture slaves.

John Newton wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace" years after a dangerous sea voyage.

Stephen Austin and others from the American South come with their slaves to farm the Texas territory.

One of Bass' letters reaches the right people in the North. Henry Northup makes a plan to free Platt (Solomon Northup).

A former slave named Sarah Gudger tells of the things she experienced in her 121 years of life.

Though African Americans were free, after the Civil War, the U.S. federal government (including the federal courts) allows the practice of racial segr...

Risking his own life, Bass agrees to write letters for Platt (Solomon Northup), alerting people in the North that he is wrongfully being held as a sla...

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