Slaves and Slave Owners Learning Tasks

When the "New World" needed cheap labor for its plantations, slave traders kidnapped Africans from their home villages. A "triangle trade" system forever changed the lives of an entire people. Explore this collection to learn what those slaves endured, and discover stories of other types of slavery such as forced labor camps in the Soviet GULAG.

Analyze How the Author Develops Key Concepts

Analyze Key Concepts or Characters

Analyzing and evaluating an argument

Analyzing the use of source material

Determine and Analyze a Theme from Details in the Text

Determine and Analyze in Detail the Theme Development

Determine a Theme and Summarize the Text

Determining point of view

Examining Primary Source Images for Author's Purpose

Identifty Key Ideas or Concepts

Inferring the Author's Meaning

Tracing and Evaluating the Author's Evidence

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