Slaves and Slave Owners Chapters

When the "New World" needed cheap labor for its plantations, slave traders kidnapped Africans from their home villages. A "triangle trade" system forever changed the lives of an entire people. Explore this collection to learn what those slaves endured, and discover stories of other types of slavery such as forced labor camps in the Soviet GULAG.

Slaves of Southern owners are subject to the Fugitive Slave Law.

Fred learns to read and write, even though it is forbidden.

South Carolina History Standard 8-5.4 Summarize the policies and actions of South Carolina's political leadership implementing discriminatory laws tha...

Describes how we honor the memory of Harriet Tubman and what she accomplished.

Harriet Tubman decides she must try to find freedom by escaping slavery.

How, and why, did Harriet Tubman help the Union Army during the American Civil War?

Throughout their ordeal, slave voices show that the human spirit can overcome almost anything.

Slaves are sold as property as though they are animals; many are beaten and families are split up.

8-3.4 Many factors arise to divide a new nation--Federalists and Anti-Federalists

John Newton, a former slave trader, writes a journal telling of the horrors of the slave ship.

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