Slaves and Slave Owners Story Briefs

When the "New World" needed cheap labor for its plantations, slave traders kidnapped Africans from their home villages. A "triangle trade" system forever changed the lives of an entire people. Explore this collection to learn what those slaves endured, and discover stories of other types of slavery such as forced labor camps in the Soviet GULAG.

Vorkuta, in Russia's northern climes, was once home to a Soviet-era forced labor camp.

Originally owned by Franklin & Armfield, dealers in slaves, this slave pen was located not far from the U.S. Capitol.

Gandhi referred to South Africa as his second home, and it was there that the young lawyer decided to non-violently oppose a racially motivated law.

"Gulag" tells the story of Soviet forced-labor camps, and their prisoners, during the Stalinist age.

Making their point with EXTREMELY graphic depictions of slaves at work (and being punished for daring to rebel or escape), anti-slavery societies did ...

Thomas Clarkson describes and depicts the shocking transport of slaves during the Middle Passage for the public to behold.

Once a slave trader, John Newton undergoes religious conversion and eventually writes the hymn "Amazing Grace."

The story of America's first-published African-American poet takes us to Long Island during a time of slavery.

After members of his crew report that Captain Kimber has murdered a slave girl, he is found "not guilty" by an all-male jury.

Thomas Clarkson describes the public's reaction to the drawings he and his colleagues commissioned of the Slave ShipBrooks

The Emancipation Proclamation is still debated today, what did it say and how did the country react?

Sources differ whether Lucy, a slave at Monticello, was Lucy Cottrell (the daughter of Dolly Cottrell) or Lucy (the daughter of Lilly and Barnaby, two...

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